Andrey Tarkovsky : Polaroids

Low light trickling through the skeletal remains of trees, final leaves yet to scatter. Shadows. Reaching, stretching, distorting. Resultants of long golden beams, late afternoon sunsets. Thick fog. Transient mists. Blankets of grey. Preparation for walking on the Heath which was to involve that sandwich coincided with my discovery of Andrey Tarkovsky’s polaroids. Considered by … Continue reading

‘Where Children Sleep’

IF someone asked you to describe the bedroom from your childhood, what would you say? Was it strewn with toys? Plastered with posters? Were you holed up in a box room? Or sharing with siblings? Perhaps you didn’t ever stay in one home long enough to truly put a mark on your own space? Whatever you picture … Continue reading

pooches for perusal

The world of vintage photography has always had the potential to amaze and bemuse. Experimental image-making combined with a childlike desire to dress-up before the camera and play make-believe has ensured that the legacy from those early days is dappled with some very strange goings on. And the contents of ‘Photography Going to the Dogs’ proves to be … Continue reading

colour it in

LETS turn the clocks back to a time when idle colouring in was a valid past-time. Get back in touch with your inner Big Kid and put crayon or paint brush to photograph. Whether it’s playful squiggles or a pre-planned masterpiece, you never know when your little coloured in artworks may come in handy as an impromptu present or … Continue reading

through rose tinted glasses

  STUMBLING home at six in the morning, bleary eyed in the wake of the rising sun, does strange things to a person. Follow this with a fitful morning-to-afternoon sleep and you’re bound to be seeing the world in a form of heightened sights and sounds – senses assaulted on all fronts.   This was how I spent my Sunday … Continue reading

on my horizon: pretty much nothing (hurrah!)

THE other week I was seeking a void: I wished to absorb my eyes in the vision of a vast expanse of ‘nothing’. I was attempting to self-medicate. Do some long-distance exercise with my eyesight. What I didn’t realise was how much I was in fact in need of this physical space to awaken my senses, to put back into … Continue reading

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