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About Me

Early escapades into the world of writing (such as homemade newspapers produced on a red clickety-clack typewriter) subsequently encountered a brief interruption whilst I went off on a fashion / photography / printed textiles tangent throughout my academic years.

Having graduated with a degree in MDes Printed Textiles for Fashion from the University of Brighton, I once again found myself drawn to pen and paper; or as is now mostly the case: a glowing screen and a plastic keyboard. It was thus that my adventure into the realm of blogging, content writing and beyond began.

It’s an addictive thing this writing malarkey, and there are endless topics that I’d like to broach. But there is one subject in particular that steadfastly seems to recur: food.

Therefore, try as I might, this blog (and my writing in general) will more often than not carry with it a food-based undercurrent, from cooking to eating, researching to critiquing, and all that’s in between…


Freelance Copy & Content Writer

As time has passed I have happily found myself called upon to work in the world of copy and content writing, with a healthy amount of design work thrown in for good measure. Please see my Freelance Writing and Copywriting pages for more information on past jobs and clients.

Past roles have also at times seen me take on the role of Social Media Co-ordinator, responsible for the creation of profiles, pages and posts.


Have some questions? In search of a copywriter or content editor? Then get those fingers tapping!
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  • and all that’s in between

    loves and hates, hints and tips, observations, musings and reviews; on food, fashion, travel and art; and all that's in between...
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