eating the rainbow: white

WHEN ESTABLISHING the “rules” by which I would eat the rainbow one colour at a time I came upon a sticking point. There are many basic compounds of a dish that are white; garlic, onion and flour, to name but a few. Yes it is possible to create delicious foods without these ingredients – as … Continue reading

focus on the sides

A while ago I interviewed Camilla Stephens, founder of Higgidy, for Women Talking. In preparation for this I received to my – very pleasant – surprise a large cool box generously filled with a selection of the tasty tarts, pies and quiches that Higgidy produce. Of course this meant that I couldn’t help but jump … Continue reading

things that i’ve learnt over the festive season…

APOLOGIES for my recent absence. Between cooking and planning travels abroad time seems to have bolted past so fast that I can’t believe my Ode was posted way back when in November days! During this expanse of time however, I have learnt many things. Culinary things. And so I thought I’d share some of them … Continue reading

an ode to anchovies

Anchovy anchovy anchovy. Salty, briny, anchovy. Silvery sliver. Hangover God. Tiny Mighty Motivator of disgust. Troublemaker. Agitator. Instigator of terror. Light in my life. King of my kitchen. Never without. Always within. Anchoiade makes enough for two as a dip (or one if you’re an anchovy fiend) 4 salted anchovy fillets 1 banana shallot 1 … Continue reading

shooter’s sandwich sunday

It began with a need to walk. Or more precisely, to uplift our souls. Souls that were sinking into mild (even major) melancholy. Rambling was suggested. Upon, over and across the Heath. The first attempt was cancelled. Called off due to imminent rainfall, that in turn never did materialise. This did not bode well for … Continue reading

on my plate: Sweetcorn, Chorizo and Feta Loaf

FOLLOWING on from my previous revelatory savoury cake experience I decided to head back to the baking tin once more; this time inspired by flavours from my recent trip to Madrid. Yet again taking one of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s recipes as a starting point for this spin on what is generally considered the sweet side of … Continue reading

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