on my plate: Sweetcorn, Chorizo and Feta Loaf

FOLLOWING on from my previous revelatory savoury cake experience I decided to head back to the baking tin once more; this time inspired by flavours from my recent trip to Madrid. Yet again taking one of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s recipes as a starting point for this spin on what is generally considered the sweet side of … Continue reading

on my plate: Peach and Orange Frangipane Tarts

SINCE going to an interview for the BBC’s Young Baking Talent of the Year I have become slightly obsessed with baking. Not that it wasn’t of interest to me before, or that I didn’t actively bake, but as soon as I had to articulate why I was passionate about this area of cooking I realised quite how great it can … Continue reading

on my plate: green things…

GREEN things. They seem to be cropping up on my plate a lot these days. Hot, cold; smooth, crunchy. Savoury and sweet. First up, there’s a Pea, Lemon and Mint Soup, offering a subtle blend of flavours. I preferred it cold, though beware not to add the parmesan until thoroughly chilled if choosing this option, as otherwise you … Continue reading

on my plate: chlodnik

ON balmy summer evenings the last thing you want to do is tuck into a hearty hot dinner. And if you’ve had the joy of a sticky commute home during rush hour, even eating can be difficult to comprehend. But that’s where this soup comes in. This ‘cold’ soup to be exact. Now don’t panic, … Continue reading

on my plate: Goat’s Cheese, Walnut and Dried Cherry Tomato Loaf

OFFICIALLY it’s a savoury cake. But I can imagine that for some it may be slightly disturbing to imagine a categorically sweet item being hijacked by Mr Savoury. I struggled with the concept myself. When baking this ‘cake’ I was convinced that I was in fact making a savoury bread. Not exactly a wild new concept. So I’ve decided to use the … Continue reading

on my plate: Pan Fried Spiced Haddock with Creamy Vegetable Curry

BLUSTERY wet and windy evenings call for comfort food; especially as the weather these days could easily lead you to believe that you have travelled back to the cold days of winter. As a result, I decided that this week a curry was needed on my plate – surely one of the ultimate comfort foods. In … Continue reading

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