most wanted: Henrik Vibskov stockings

HAVING reminded me why it was that I used to get so excited about fashion (see the Catherine Baba style crush), farfetchdotcom has now opened my eyes to the world of Henrik Vibskov. Far from being just another fashion designer, alongside creating biannual collections and the ‘universes that surround them’  Vibskov also takes part in fringe art projects, shows at exhibitions and galleries around the world, and … Continue reading

the beauty of print

IT’S nothing new to conclude that the Internet’s expansion as a medium through which one can access pretty much any information needed heralds the beginning of the end for the printed word and image. In fact, there can be little doubt that it has already begun. But that doesn’t stop my acute sense of loss … Continue reading

most wanted: Celine

JE VOUDRAIS une armoire pleine de vêtements de Céline, s’il vous plaît. read as: I am in love with these pieces from Céline. (Currently crossing my fingers that tomorrow morning I will awake and by some miraculous force I will have a wardrobe dotted with items from the resort, summer and fall collections…)

most wanted: Prada stripes

I MAY have already seen a few new season fashion faux pas since the sun has emerged from it’s cloudy enclave (think ‘stripe / midi-length / ballerina’ combo’s with a bit of colour blocking thrown in for good measure) but it’s not going to stop me from sticking steadfastly to my love of stripes. And … Continue reading

katy grannan’s granny (not literally)

THIS image immediately threw up a question in my mind. One that is probably quite common amongst women in today’s image obsessed society. ‘At what age should you stop wearing short skirts?’ Now, before seeing this photo I would have possibly made a stab in the dark guess at around 40. (Maybe later if you’re … Continue reading

birds of paradise

male and female : cecil b demille 1919 BIRDS of Paradise is the 3rd Fashion in Film Festival, which started yesterday and is on until 12th December. Screening rare and unseen films from the 1920s through to the 1970s (often with live piano accompaniment) it aims to provide “an intoxicating exploration of costume as a … Continue reading

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