one man’s project…

I’VE always liked art projects that take the form of a daily process. How much is one capable of achieving in a day? How does this evolve over a number of days? And what is the cumulative effect of this? ‘mexico drug war : made in the US’ ‘passive smoking “kills 600,000” worldwide’ Johnny Selman’s … Continue reading

and the winner of most bizarre Christmas present goes to…

mleczna : milk (chocolate) …THIS curiously designed bar of chocolate, from relatives in Poland. Apparently the image is by a well known Polish painter. That is no excuse. I question the mind of a) the person who deemed it a suitable idea to put a woman breastfeeding on the front of a bar of milk … Continue reading

oh my, what a lovely package you have…

TrueCoffee hot dog : design by subconcious co LOVELY PACKAGE is a site dedicated to showcasing the best that package design has to offer. Recognisable brands sit alongside small businesses and student work. And besides sourcing the examples themselves, you are invited to submit your own.  My favourite category is Student Work. The ingenuity is … Continue reading

most wanted: colour

FOR those of us living in towns and cities a colourful Autumn may not be the first thing that springs to mind. If you’re lucky enough to encounter trees then hopefully you have been treated to a marvellous display of fiery reds, burnt ambers, vivid yellows and all that’s in between. But if –  especially in the ever fleeting … Continue reading

profile: Soojin Kang

SOOJIN Kang views today’s culture of mass production and disposable fashion as deeply problematic. Her suggestion is that we consider our basic needs against our possessions and use the materials already within our means wisely and beautifully. One of her outcomes has been a collection of ‘dressed furniture’. Kang’s sensitive approach has resulted in pieces … Continue reading

sleeping out of the box

IN my opinion good design has as much – if not more – to do with ergonomics and effective function as it does with aesthetics. It always comes as a disappointment when that cosy looking sofa turns out to be a back-breaker, or if that beautiful coffee cup is impossible to grasp when filled with piping-hot liquid. … Continue reading

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