blue sky big birds

     LAZILY opening an eye to look out for the next cloud upon a big blue canvas, an unforgettable silhouette is spied. Bringing its own misshaped shade along for the ride, the big bird fleetingly obliterates the sun. Soaring and searching, battling the breeze, this silent bomber is on a mission: to find and retrieve. … Continue reading

it’s a hard life…

SORRY for the lack of travel finds, foods and adventures making their appearance on And All That’s In Between. I’ve been busy doing this… …on a variety of these… …in places where Internet connection is sparse. New blog posts coming very soon though!

how to start a revolution

GENE SHARP is not a name familiar to the general public. However if you watch Ruaridh Arrow’s documentary How to Start a Revolution you will be in awe of what this man’s work has achieved, and subsequently surprised by the blank expressions you receive when mentioning a film you’ve recently seen about him. Yet the … Continue reading

pooches for perusal

The world of vintage photography has always had the potential to amaze and bemuse. Experimental image-making combined with a childlike desire to dress-up before the camera and play make-believe has ensured that the legacy from those early days is dappled with some very strange goings on. And the contents of ‘Photography Going to the Dogs’ proves to be … Continue reading

creative writing #1

    How does it feel To be a surreptitious elephant in the room? An oxymoron in terms, But a viable concept nonetheless. Or an involuntary fly on the wall, Desperately scrabbling to escape the drama Unfolding before your eyes. Now, what if I told you that you were surrounded by walls; Boundaries that caged … Continue reading

through rose tinted glasses

  STUMBLING home at six in the morning, bleary eyed in the wake of the rising sun, does strange things to a person. Follow this with a fitful morning-to-afternoon sleep and you’re bound to be seeing the world in a form of heightened sights and sounds – senses assaulted on all fronts.   This was how I spent my Sunday … Continue reading

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