travel bite: Tekka Market, Singapore

I’m stumbling to the bus stop in the thick early morning air with sleepy lids. It’s still dark. The moon above has chosen to show more than one face today: resting upon a slim grin is an opaque disc only just apparent, the glimmer of a circumference peeking out from behind. 6.30am. After four hours … Continue reading

an ode to anchovies

Anchovy anchovy anchovy. Salty, briny, anchovy. Silvery sliver. Hangover God. Tiny Mighty Motivator of disgust. Troublemaker. Agitator. Instigator of terror. Light in my life. King of my kitchen. Never without. Always within. Anchoiade makes enough for two as a dip (or one if you’re an anchovy fiend) 4 salted anchovy fillets 1 banana shallot 1 … Continue reading

creative writing #1

    How does it feel To be a surreptitious elephant in the room? An oxymoron in terms, But a viable concept nonetheless. Or an involuntary fly on the wall, Desperately scrabbling to escape the drama Unfolding before your eyes. Now, what if I told you that you were surrounded by walls; Boundaries that caged … Continue reading

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