best of the rest: Vietnam

SPEEDING between coffee plantations, lime coloured butterflies energetically swarm. Cicadas throb; silk worms noisily munch upon their mulberry leaves. The Virgin Flower’s fern-like arms fold down, fronds pulled in tight upon a foreign body’s touch.

Along a raised ledge of grasshopper-green rice paddies, tops twinkling yellow, a woman in shocking pink walks.

Floating villages, local markets.  Gushing waterfalls, streams of aquamarine. Colourful offerings, edible donations. Conical shaped hats.

Streets strewn with hay. Buildings, tall, narrow and deep; front facades – only –  graced by paint.

Mushroom farms, hidden from view. Fish sauce, invading nostrils.

An elephant lopes past in early morning light.  A lizard whizzes past,  dangled from its tail by a man on a bike.

A woman squats behind a tree on busy streets. Oblivious to passers by, she relieves herself.

Four men in a row on the side of a road, arcs of piss glistening in sunshine.

Com. Bun. Pho. Banh: Xeo, Beo, Cuon and Mi. Giant puffed rice cakes, soy sauce, sesame seeds, shredded coconut.

Street vendors, methodically preparing dishes. Ingredients compartmentalised.

Fragrant salad leaves. Fresh herbs, chillies, limes, garlic. Fish sauce and shrimp paste. Meaty, black mushroom stuffed, pillows of tofu.

Stiff rice papers, softened in sweet and sour sauces, enveloping minced pork, lettuce, pickled cucumber, green mango and yellow banana slices.

A steaming bowl of rice noodles. Prawn and pork filled pancakes.

And finally, the bikes. Scooters. Motos. Peds. The crossing of roads. The fear, the thrill. The disassociation needed in ones mind between fast moving vehicle and certain injury. And then the rush, elated, upon having successfully made it to the other side.

These are my memories of Vietnam.

One Response to “best of the rest: Vietnam”
  1. Ewa says:

    Olga, fabulous pictures and short, to the point comment…. I feel I was there! Mum xxxxxxx

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