a small tale of two cities Pt.1: Bangkok, Thailand

in search for breakfast I come across this colourful stall on Rambuttri Street, but Western food is not what I want...

...instead I find these divine wafer thin pancakes topped with a layer of sweetened shredded coconut followed by a further layer of shredded coconut combined with lemongrass, fresh coriander and what appears to be a little tom yam paste (it's outside my hostel and I can't resist buying one each time I pass by)

I then stop off on Rambuttri again for a spicy noodle salad

I pop into a local food shop to find these make-your-own 'ready meals'- much more appealing than pre-packaged goods at home

yet more freshly pre-prepared 'ready meals'

a trip to one of the large supermarkets involves a ride on this local bus...

...bedecked with colourful paraphernalia the ride is leisurely, with the driver rolling a cigarette as he manoeuvres round the busy streets

and just as I am purchasing supplies for my trip to the airport I spy this presentation of dried squid

Stay at: NapPark – 5 Tani Road, Taladyod Phranakom Bangkok

3 Responses to “a small tale of two cities Pt.1: Bangkok, Thailand”
  1. Do you happen to know the name of the coconut-wafer snack? Sounds tasty but a good way to gain lots o’ kilos too.

    • yup, I managed to find out the name being in Bangkok again (and of course eating them again). They’re a traditional Thai crispy pancake called Khanom Buang – I think sometimes also spelt Bueng.

      • oh, kop khun krup! now that I look it up, definitely seen ’em before, not a fan (somehow), but your description makes me want to give ’em another shot. Have you picked up some Thai then, or did you ask someone?

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