Singapore: best of the rest

SINGAPORE is a strange city. Commerce driven and saturated with shopping centres, it`s difficult to feel as though you have really connected with its soul. And despite the bustle of shoppers, tourists and construction sites it still manages to feel vacant. It may be impressive in terms of cleanliness and amenties, but this to me does not maketh a great city.

It is however worth passing through, a couple of days being more than enough. I felt most at home surrounded by the hawker stands and markets, though I suppose that`s not surprising…

hawker stands closing at the end of the day at Beauty World shopping centre

a supper of Char Koay Teow (noodles with fried oysters) and sugar cane juice at Beauty World for the grand total of $5

delicious steamed pork dumplings from a hawker stand at Beauty World - 10 dumplings for $6

Do not visit Sentosa Island. Unless you have a child desperately in need of entertaining. It may be only $3 return on the monorail but devoid of any character it is reminiscent of a trip to Disneyland not a paradise island.

Do visit Far East Plaza for independant clothing and accessory stores that are surprisingly on trend; the Mustafa Centre for groceries laid out in a monstrous maze of tightly packed aisles displaying variety beyond belief; and Beauty World on the outskirts, which may resemble a multi-storey car park but is where the locals go and has some great hawker stands.

And if you want an insight into Singapore`s recent history, be sure to visit Old Ford Factory, where one of the factory`s buildings has been converted into a fascinating exhibit on Japan`s occupation of Singapore during the Second World War and it`s subsequent influence on society.

As for all the other memorable moments of my stay in Singapore, below is a visual rundown on the best of the rest.

China Town

China Town


China Town

fruit stall in China Town

young guys grilling the pork and beef for Bak Kuan - traditional snack where the meat is honeyed and served in thin slices

inside one of the three towers of Marina Bay Sands

view from the top of Marina Bay Sands

view of science museum from top of Marina Bay Sands

strange constructions spied down below from the top pf Marina Bay Sands

slighlty bizarre seaweed flavoured gelatinous rice balls filled with a sweet sesame syrup

roll from hawker stand on way to Sentosa Island - slathered with a meat and egg mixture then fried and served with a sweet and tangy spicy sauce - would make the perfect hangover snack

all this for only $7 - Singapore proved that airport food doesn`t always have to cost a bomb

One Response to “Singapore: best of the rest”
  1. Katharine says:

    the shot from inside the marina bay sand is very interesting .
    thanks for sharing, especially the delicious food !

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