let the journey begin


AN escape into the unknown has begun. Discontent with the twists and turns of London life (fortunately mostly of a positive nature, if not at least pleasantly surprising) I have chosen to take control of my itchingly curious feet and head off on a little adventure.

Hard work – trials and tribulations included – and limited research has now led me to be at the beginning of travels that I hope will unveil the lush vegetation, jaw-dropping beaches and myraid of local foods that can be discovered in Southeast Asia; followed by delving into the intricacies of India, with its breadth of landscapes, abundant scents and complex flavours.

But first, the flight. Qantas QF32 delivered me to Singapore early Tuesday morning. My diminishing fear of flying combined with absolute terror at what I was about to embark upon set me up to expect thirteen hours of hell. Luckily, that was far from the case, and a few nice surprises crowned this particular flight my best long-haul journey yet. (I’m not going to get too carried away though. A thirteen hour flight in economy is never going to be the most idyllic of experiences.)

And so to celebrate this instance of enjoyable high-altitude cruising, here are my reasons to fly Qantas:

1) the food Not gourmet by any stretch of the imagination but they did serve hot smoken salmon with squid ink noodles. And the food – including hot treats – was continuous throughout the flight; not just from the snack bars but new items passing regularly through the cabin too. Oh, and the scrambled eggs for breakfast were accompanied by braised beans. Yes, that’s fancy baked beans, complete with lardons.

hot smoked salmon with squid ink noodles

2) the films I watched Annie Hall. On a flight. And if I’d so wished, I could have done a whole Woody Allen marathon. (And a Ryan Gostling one too.) The selection of films was so good, and spanned such a breadth of genres, that I could have been glued to my seat for days had I worked my way through all I wanted to see.

3) the skycam Attached to the top of the airplane’s tail is a camera through which on your screen you can observe a birdseye view of the plane and the clouds or land below. Brilliant for landings. However totally boring when dark outside…

4) marc newson tableware Plastic cutlery that actually works, a cup with a handle you can comfortably hold, and an intelligently designed tray that contains its dishes in an effective, functional manner.

Qantas meal on Marc Newson tableware

So plane journey done. 

Now let the journey begin!




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