on my plate: chlodnik

ON balmy summer evenings the last thing you want to do is tuck into a hearty hot dinner. And if you’ve had the joy of a sticky commute home during rush hour, even eating can be difficult to comprehend.

But that’s where this soup comes in. This ‘cold’ soup to be exact.

Now don’t panic, it isn’t some sort of slimy chilled liquid. Instead it’s a beautifully vibrant soup – both in appearance and in taste. The fresh flavours and bold colours (yes, bright pink is one of them) making for a refreshing meal that’s subtly filling.

Perhaps my fondness for this soup stems from the waves of nostalgia that I have when recalling my mum dishing it up in the sweltering summers of my childhood as a special Polish meal. But at that point I would do no more than squirm at the fact that it had eggs in it, and then refuse to injest the contents of my bowl. It’s all change now though. And as this week has supplied the perfect weather to induce cravings for Chlodnik it has appeared on my plate once again.

Following that trip down memory lane, you may expect me to now divulge a great family recipe, passed on through generations. Unfortunatly that’s not the case. In fact it is – sligtly embarassingly – made from a recipe by the fiery haired actress Rula Lenska, the cut-out of which my mum has faithfully kept and used for nearly 20 years.

So gear yourself up for a delicious chilled supper that’s a delight to look at and no fuss to make, and get stuck in to the recipe below:


Rula Lenska’s Chlodnik Recipe:

 (serves 4)



1 pint of stock

Handful of chopped fresh dill

175g  cooked beetroot, shredded

175g cucumber, thinly sliced strips 

150ml plain yoghurt

150ml soured cream

400g new potatoes, cooked and halved

2 hard boiled eggs, quartered

150g radishes, chopped

Bunch of chives, chopped


Bring stock to the boil. Add beetroot, cucumber and dill to the stock and allow to cool. Whisk in the soured cream and yoghurt. Chill further in the fridge if desired. Mix in potatoes if using. Serve with egg, radishes and chopped chives on top.



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