the beauty of print

IT’S nothing new to conclude that the Internet’s expansion as a medium through which one can access pretty much any information needed heralds the beginning of the end for the printed word and image. In fact, there can be little doubt that it has already begun. But that doesn’t stop my acute sense of loss regarding the matter.

The Internet has evolved into a natural go-to for those seeking an immediate answer or the latest news story; and I’m just as guilty as the next person for choosing the ease of the web over a journey to the bookshop, library or newsagents. But when I hold in my hands a publication that contains within it a brilliantly designed presentation of images and words – whether it be a magazine or a book – I am reminded once again of the beauty of print.

The printed image will never be outdone by its reproduction on a glaring computer screen. The weight and texture of a page on which an image or its accompanying text appears will forever trump the cold hard touch of a computer mouse or trackpad.

Recently though, I have found myself neglecting my regular purchases of printed publications, knowing that in most cases I will be able to find their digital alternative online. Which is why I now present to you a small run down of my current recommended magazine buys: ones that will hopefully re-ignite your excitement (as they have done mine) in the beauty of print. Prepare once again to revel in the moment of grasping a crisp new batch of printed papers, their pages filled with a range of inspiring illustrations, text and pictures.

Though of course, the following images don’t do the real thing any justice… So jump right up and out of your seat after reading this and go buy yourself a bundle beautiful papers!!!


The ChronicleA biannual publication from fashion brand Rützou, The Chronicle is not only visually orientated but also immensely tactile. Designed in a unique manner – with a desire for the reader to be able to fully interact creatively with the end product – it encourages the reader to tear out pages, using them as they please. Founder of Rützou Susanne Rützou elaborates on this:

“I love the idea of trying to do something that is not already out there, from how the cover looks to the format, from the editorial mix to the fact that we don’t have any traditional fashion stories. We have done our best to give something back to the creative world that Rützou has been part of for more than a decade.”



Grey is a fashion biannual that contains within its pages an array of stunning images. It aims to appeal to those with a refined sense of style, shunning the contents of gossip and superficiality typically found in fashion magazines. Its gravitas is weighted even further by a beautiful hardcover format, instinctively guiding you to gently treat each page as you would a precious book.

“GREY does not adhere to any trends or actively seek to vilify them. We believe that fashion is about the clothes and that a timeless approach to aestheticism is never out of style.”



eat me

 A mixture of opinion, profiles and features on all things ‘food’ related, this magazine combines mouth-watering text with witty illustrations. Get past the blown up image of a ‘celebrity’ chef on the front cover and you will be pleasantly entertained by the interesting anecdotes, reviews, interviews and travel hotspots within. A great read from cover to cover.  

And if you find your fingers making their way over to the keyboard, itching to go online,  then you may get an additional fix on the eat me website. (But remember: this will be a measley meal in relation to the feast of the real deal!)


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