on my plate: tomato tarte tatin and hedgehog potatoes

THIS tomato tarte tatin recipe has been sitting in my kitchen for ages, but not sure of what to serve it with other than a salad garnish meant that I hadn’t attempted to make it for fear of not providing a ‘substantial’ dinner for the meat eater of the household. Then I came across a recipe on the Salad Club blog for hedgehog potatoes and my dish was almost complete. To tie it all together I went for a rocket cream.

When it came to the making of the tarte I had a slight glitch. Not enough red onions. And not enough time to buy more. I substituted with white ones and then proceeded to add slightly more sugar at the frying stage than the recipe stated in an attempt to balance the flavour. Mistake number one. Mistake number two was that I hadn’t noticed that a caramel needed to be made, and having never done one before I think I may have overcompensated in the sugar department yet again. The result was a tarte tatin that was too sweet for my liking, though one of my diners disagreed. Of course the topping of tangy goats cheese helped to an extent, as did the peppery watercress garnish with added toasted pumkin seeds for a nutty finish.

The hedgehog potatoes were a great novelty, though one of my favourite parts of a roast potato is making a mountain so that I can also munch on them later and these were not so great cold. The rocket cream was a welcome addition, however I don’t think I got the balance of flavours quite right.

Overall it was an enjoyable meal. And I was extremely proud when the tarte turned out leaving not a single tomato in the dish. In future though I would definitely use much less sugar and probably add a splash of balsamic vinegar. Or I may even try out this version with anchovies, as I’m a sucker for anything involving salty sweet flavour combinations.


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