on my plate: crab and sweetcorn chowder

WHEN I find myself at a loose end at work I am free to browse the vast realms of the Internet to  my heart’s content. What I have discovered is that my heart is consistently drawn to doing nothing more than reading about food. Reviews, blogs, recipes; all of these I can peruse for hours, vicariously living the life of both food critic and chef.

Most worrying is possibly the amount of time I can spend simply reading recipes, making note of those in particular that – if I could spend my days endlessly pottering in the kitchen – I would certainly try out. And so, after book marking yet another mouthwatering dish I decided that enough is enough, I have to actually start making something from the tome of ideas I’m acquiring. The result: ‘on my plate’, a weekly post on my exploits in the kitchen testing out potential gastronomical delights. (With no doubt some disasters along the way.)

This week: Crab and Sweetcorn Chowder, recipe courtesy of Rosie Lovell. I’d come across it just as the weather was turning down the ice-cold road to winter and some warming comfort food was in order. Minimal adjustments were made to the ingredient list: a decrease in the amount of coconut milk, an increase in the amount of corn and crab, and one addition in the form of lime juice squeezed over the top to serve.

The result was incredibly pleasing. Rarely for me does a new recipe come together first time as I will always find niggling faults that could be improved upon. But in this instance there was nothing that  I would change. The crunch of the corn and green beans ensured that the chowder’s potato and crab did not simply result in a mouthful of mush. The shredded ginger and chilli gave a pleasant heat, complimenting the smoothness of the coconut perfectly. And the tang of the lime balanced well with the sweetness of the corn. Finally, the toasted sesame oil turned out to be an imperative element in creating real depth to the overall flavour of the soup. I have a feeling that this may become a staple in my diet over the coming months – I already can’t wait to eat it again!


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