morning entertainment

 New Jersey viewed from Manhattan – 2004

SO the world of 9 to 5 living has finally encroached upon my life. Fortunately, it is yet to become the mundane nightmare I was in fear of. However early mornings are still impossibly hard, and although the daily walk to the bus stop does much for pulling me out of my slumber, I recently found myself reminiscing over the morning walks I used to have when working in Manhattan. They worked wonders for awakening the brain, and even threw in a bit of entertainment along the way…

First off there was the news-stand lady on the corner of 8th and 33rd, with possibly the loudest voice in existence proclaiming the day’s headlines. Then the scrum at the local deli for a bagel, followed by the friendliest vendor in town who without fail delivered your iced-coffee with a chat and a smile. And to top off proceedings there were the hello’s and good morning’s from those I passed on the street, which despite their possible ulterior motives were always administered with sincerity and good grace.Then there were the slightly more trying situations, that were both disturbing and absurdly amusing. For example:  passing by a homeless guy who had left all modesty aside and chosen to  idly urinate upon Broadway’s bustling pavement, whilst lying on his side, and sipping on a bottle of beer. Or, encountering a gentleman strolling down the street talking on his mobile – as  of course many do – whose ‘normality’ was interspersed with extreme swearing at the top of his voice whilst knocking over trash cans, only to sweetly return to a conversation of “so anyway, how are you…?”

Snap back to reality.

My current walk to the bus stop if far from entertaining. Highlight of the morning: a friendly bus driver; but only if I’m lucky.


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